Sparkles & Crumbs Surfing: November 2014

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  Aloha, honeys! So November’s here – and my countdown to attending surf school for real begins! Until then, heat up a pan of hot chocolate, curl up by the fire, and enjoy this month’s round-up of my favourite bon vivant finds… Fellow bloggers! Some seriously wise words have been shared with us this month. […]

Thursday Verse Day: “To Lou Andrea-Salome” by Rainer Maria Rilke

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  I held myself too open, I forgot that outside not just things exist and animals fully at ease in themselves, whose eyes reach from their lives’ roundedness no differently than portraits do from frames; forgot that I with all I did incessantly crammed looks into myself; looks, opinion, curiosity. Who knows: perhaps eyes form […]

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”: Some Sparkles & Crumbs City Spots!


  [Photographed by Sarah Lambert] Wotcha, me ol’ sparra! So, exciting news: I’m moving to London! Come January 2015, I will officially be a bona fide City Girl. I’m not going to lie: I feel equal parts unspeakably excited and an absolute ball of nerves. I’ve been super content in Cambridge – with its everywhere-reachable-by-foot […]

Let’s Run Away Monday: The Día de Muertos in Mexico!

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  Buenas noches , amigos! So, a dear friend of mine moved to Mexico last year – and, of course, torments me by messaging plenty of snapshots of the view of the paradisical Playa del Carmen beach and the Caribbean Sea from her window! Cue sigh of longing! For a change, though, her latest photo […]

Thursday Verse Day: “I wrote out six messages, then erased them all” by Caitlyn Siehl


  I. I was the first person to teach you that love was not always a white light to a ship lost at sea. II. On my worst days, the sky was a festering wound that wouldn’t heal. I didn’t want to be that to you. III. On my worst days, you were the only […]

Coffee, Croissants and Champagne Cocktails: Starting Your Day the Sparkles & Crumbs Way!

breakfast paris

  “Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast, even if it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun and good things can still happen. Having lunch is like throwing in the towel.” – Jonathan Goldstein Bonjour, mes amis! I […]

Let’s Run Away Monday: The Moonlight Cinema in Maspalomas

lily pulitzer

    Well, hey there, old friends! Blame it on Mercury Retrograde: the Casa del Cava has been suffering under some seriously ill-fated stars of late! Recent events have left my friend/housemate/partner-in-cava-related-crime and I absolutely emotionally enervated. How do bon vivants like ourselves deal with heartbreak and upheaval? Book a holiday, of course! Nothing lifts the spirits like […]

“Maybe Love Is In New York City, Already Asleep”: Words I Really Needed To Hear

hands bubbles

  Hey there, dollfaces! Do you know those times when you feel like you’re pretty much living in the chorus of Maroon 5’s ‘Must Get Out?’ Like Sylvia Plath and her fig tree, everything feels off-kilter and unstable, and because every possible decision feels like it could be a horrible mistake, it’s like being stuck […]

Thursday Verse Day: “Offering and Rebuff” by Carl Sandburg

elmo hood 02

  I could love you as dry roots love rain. I could hold you as branches in the wind brandish petals. Forgive me for speaking so soon. Let your heart look on white sea spray and be lonely. Love is a fool star. You and a ring of stars may mention my name and then […]

“Make Your Own Bible”: Some Snazzy Journal Inspiration!

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  “Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Bonjour mes amis! So I’ve been a bit of a scrapbooking magpie for as long as I can remember – I would spend […]

Let’s Run Away Monday: The Carousel Bar for Cocktails in New Orleans!

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  Ola, chicas! Did you catch my post this weekend about New Orleans legend Leah Chase? I’ve definitely got a serious case of wanderlust for this Southern city at the moment – blame The Princess and The Frog’s promise that “dreams do come true in New Orleans,” or handsome George Tucker running away to a […]

Want To Meet The Real-Life Inspiration for A Disney Princess?


  Hey there, darlings! So which little girl didn’t want to take on the starring role in a Disney movie growing up? Whether it was old-school daydreamer Sleeping Beauty, or rebellious, adventurous Princess Jasmine, everyone has their own Disney Princess heroine, right? And for little girls growing up in the Noughties, Tiana – the leading […]

Thursday Verse Day: “The Lovers” by Timothy Liu

tarot lovers

  I was always afraid of what might get revealed in a psychic’s spread— Forgive me for not knowing how we were every card in the deck. [Gorgeous photograph via Ciel Photography] Love, green tambourines and tarot readings xxx

Let’s Run Away Monday: Surfing in Sayulita!

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       Hola, chula! Well, there’s no going back now – this morning, I finally surrendered to the elements [think biting wind and drizzly rain!] and pulled out my cosy fur coat and mittens for my walk into work. The Indian summer really is over! So I think it’s high time we had a […]

Dressing For Winter Weather: A Quintessentially English Approach!

blogger babes oxford

  Buongiorno, bellas! Whereas our Antipodean friends will be basking in the springtime sunshine by now, here in Cambridge, the onset of October means it’s finally time for me to pack up my flip-flops and sunflower-print shorts, and take my cashmere tights and thermal vests down from the top of the wardrobe – however grudgingly! […]

Thursday Verse Day: “Waiting For The Cheque To Clear” by Yrsa Daley-Ward

emily golitzin 02

    What an odd, romantic time it is, if you remember not to panic. How many times has money almost driven you mad? You only need spices to throw in the bowl you only need flour to make some kind of bread and maybe somebody to lie in the dark with. Somebody’s hands to […]

Sparkles & Crumbs Surfing: October 2014

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    Buongiorno, amici! Anne of Green Gables [one of my favourite literary heroines!] once enthused, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it?” Whilst I tend to feel that way more about July, it’s a lovely […]

Let’s Run Away Monday: The Magnum “Pleasure Store” in Rome!

magnum bar 06

  Ciao, bella! As always, upon returning from Rome , I feel uno: cripplingly dispirited to leave my own personal heaven on earth; and due: absolutely flummoxed as to which of the incredible places I flounced around to feature as our “Let’s Run Away Monday” escapism daydream! This trip has made the decision particularly difficult. My bellissima cousin and […]

Thursday Verse Day: “To Growing Girls Who Dream of Neverland” by S.T. Gibson

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  Peter’s not coming, darling. You can latch the window and take the white ribbons from your hair, stop sleeping with socks on and packing going-away bags. Whispering the names of the lost boys will not hasten them to you. Clapping your hands is no enchantment. There is magic, though, in lining your eyes, and […]

Let’s Run Away Monday: The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain!

vegas katy perry

Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes! Blame Katy Perry and the Rat Pack: I have a serious hankering to visit Las Vegas. I just adore the impression of a shameless, sparkly, excessive, ever-so-slightly vulgar, utterly OTT city of too much champagne, reckless gambling, and far-too-flashy architecture – it seems like the sort […]